Spirit Award Nomination

The Spirit Award is presented to one or more Scouters in each unit who has made a significant impact in the lives of youth in the unit and/or district. Spirit Award nominees do not have to be registered Scouters. 

Each unit may nominate one candidate, regardless of unit size. Units may nominate additional candidates for every 50 Scouts registered. There is no cap on the number of nominations a unit may submit. For example, a unit of 100 Scouts may nominate three (3) candidates: one (1) for the unit itself, one (1) for first 50 Scouts (1-50), and one (1) for the next 50 Scouts (51-100). Anyone may recommend a Scouter for this award. The unit committee selects the candidate(s) and makes the nominations to the district. All unit nominations will receive an award.


A fee of $10.00 per award to cover the cost of the award and certificate. One person from the unit should pay the fee when registering for the district dinner.

Recognition and Notification

Recognition will be awarded annually at the Texas Skies District Dinner.  Upon receipt of a Spirit Award Nomination the candidate will receive a personal invitation from the District Program Director to let them know they will be recognized at the dinner for their outstanding work within their unit.

Spirit Award Nomination Form

The unit committee has selected the following Scouter(s) to receive the Texas Skies Spirit Award.   One candidate for every 50 BSA registered youth


Candidate One

Please briefly describe those qualities of performances that influence the selection of this candidate (i.e., organizes a new unit, organizes a high adventure trip, coordinates a large unit fund-raiser or event or provided help to a unit in distress, made significant impact on the lives of youth in unit or district).  


Candidate Two

For units with more than 50 registered youth.


Additional Information